Marine Travel – Top 3 Misconceptions

Airlines extend special privileges and discounts for marine travel tickets which are available to the yachting industry – however only a few travel agencies globally have been authorised to issue these tickets. This may be the reason why there remains a surprising amount of confusion about what special airline tickets are available for yacht crew travel, or for staff and contractors who travel to or from yachts. Unfortunately, as so many travel agencies are not involved in issuing these specially coded tickets, they may sometimes miss-advise legible travellers.

Of the many misconceptions relating to marine fares and legibility for these airline tickets, possibly the top 3 areas of confusion relate to the following:

1. Holders of a marine travel ticket cannot use this as a waiver in meeting the immigration regulations of a country. Even if a traveller is only staying briefly in a country before transferring to a yacht, it is still mandatory to meet the immigration requirements to gain entry. In particular, many countries expect the traveller to have a return ticket or at least an onward ticket to depart from the country to another destination. This is where many people who work on yachts have a problem. The issues may be legitimate – for example, they do not know where the yacht may be travelling and so will not know the itinerary for the onward flight. Or they may not even know the detailed plans for the yacht and in all likelihood will not be returning home from the same country. This however is exactly why marine flight tickets have been designed to be flexible, and so a return or onward flight can be booked in the full expectation that the itinerary may need to be changed – but holding a return or onward flight booking may be critical to meeting the immigration rules.

2. Marine airfares are massively discounted – often by as much as 70% – and what is not understood by many people is that these special discounts and privileges apply not only to Economy Class flights, but can be applied also to Business Class and First Class airline travel. Also the booking of these special travel fares are not only restricted to business offices and management, but can be made directly by individuals.

3. Even crew members who have enjoyed the benefits of marine travel tickets at the start and end of their contracts on a vessel do not realise that these privileges are available to them throughout the period that they are officially employed on the yacht. Therefore it is possible to have a break from the yacht and enjoy a holiday, and some if not all the flights involved may be entitled to the privileges of the marine crew travel ticket!

Marine travel airline tickets have lots of benefits:

– Up to 70% off most published air fares.

– This applies to one-way tickets as well as return or round-trip tickets.

– No minimum or maximum stay.

– Extra weight allowance of 40 kgs (23kgs x 2 bags for US and Canada flights).

– No penalties generally for changes or cancellations.

The few specialist yacht crew travel agencies globally that have been granted the privilege of issuing marine travel tickets take seriously the need to ensure that everyone using marine fares and their associated benefits are qualified to use them. They follow the airlines’ policies closely and are available to advise on any issues of legibility or qualifying itineraries.The general guidelines for legibility are that you are travelling to or from the yacht AND that you are included on the yacht’s manifest. This means that all crew are legible as are contractors or other company personnel who are travelling to or from the yacht on business or some official capacity.

Save Huge Discounts When You Book Your Train Travels With Raileasy Tickets

Raileasy is a train travel website, which makes it easy for you to book your train travels. No matter who you are or where you need to go, Raileasy Tickets is there to offer you the best prices for tickets and linking transportation altogether. It even makes it possible for you to make guest house and hotel reservations in the UK.

Raileasy tickets are basically meant to help you get train tickets at the lowest of prices so that it can fit your budget. Ticketing options for all train operating companies are offered by Raileasy. It functions through an online ticketing system which is extremely liberal to say the least. Raileasy tickets can be booked not just in advance, but the same day that you plan on travelling too.

Even though it is not permitted for Raileasy to sell discount travel cards, the company honors the same that are issued to people in various categories. Raileasy tickets can therefore be purchased at discounted rates through travel cards. Discount cards at Raileasy can basically be applied for on a yearly basis. These would pay for themselves with the purchase of one or two train tickets. With the benefits that these offer, make sure that you get yourself one right away.

Raileasy offers a family rail card which is basically meant to accommodate 4 children and 4 adults on a single card. However, those in the 16 to 25 age bracket and seniors of more than 65 years of age would receive a 1/3 discount on their tickets. Those who hold season train tickets can easily get their Raileasy on the train station the same day that they are travelling. These receive a huge discount too!

The best part about Raileasy tickets is that these can be purchased online. The tickets are then sent to you through post or you can choose to pick them up from the local rail station instead. If you have a substantial office staff, than getting business travel connections made and tickets purchased should not be hard for you. The best part about this amazing train travel website is that it makes it easy for businesses to come up with travel policies, receive travel management information and even assign trips to cost centries, thereby making the booking of business travel tickets less challenging.

If there is a particular occasion or a special event that you wish to go to, Raileasy would make getting there possible for you. Those who need to make reservations for overnight accommodations can greatly benefit from the reservation services being offered by Raileasy Tickets. The best part is that this travel website offers a number of travel package plan that are inclusive of not just the tickets for the event that you wish to attend, but guest room or hotel accommodations and transportation as well.

How to Avail Cheap Train Tickets In Spite Of Ever-Rising Travel Fares

With inflation and price rise pounding us from all corners, the increase in travel fares have also impacted our lives quite significantly. In this post, we shall look at certain aspects that can still help us in reducing the travel costs while travelling on trains.

Enjoy train travel

The best way to enjoy quality time with your family is by travelling on trains. Your kids will surely enjoy the views outside the window, which is something that they don’t see quite often. Besides this, you can also enjoy the mesmerizing countryside landscapes. Such things cannot be enjoyed if you choose to travel by air.

If you are planning for a vacation, then it is suggested to book the train tickets well in advance. With advance booking you save yourself from the last minute hassles and extra charges. You can book your tickets at least months before you plan to travel. Advance booking can save you up to 60 percent of the fare costs. Also, you can easily make cancellations on the booking websites, if there is any change of plans in future.

Save on the travel expenses

Cheap train tickets are usually available if you travel during the off-seasons. The costs of tickets are a great deal higher during the festival times, sometimes totally unreasonable too. During the off seasons, the railway companies cut down of the fare charges to encourage people to travel with them.

Many people choose to book their train travel tickets through brokers. However, with so many travel agencies being available online, it can be quite difficult for you find the right service providers.

The easiest way to go about it would be to compare the prices that are being offered by various railway service providers like the East Coast Trains. There are many train ticket fare comparison websites, where you can easily pull out the information about the ticket fares being offered by multiple providers for specific dates and times.

You could also check if the connecting trains work out to be more economical than buying the direct tickets. Sometimes, one way tickets will be cheaper than the two way tickets. Make sure that you compare those costs too, in order to make smart and informed decisions.

Seasonal travellers

If you travel quite frequently to an exact destination within the country, then it is suggested for you to opt for seasonal tickets. You can buy ticket pass for a month or for a year, and save a lot of money, which you might otherwise spend on buying individual tickets everyday. In fact, if you choose to buy annual tickets then you can save on at least 3 months train travel expenses.

Plan your travel

People who are travelling with their families or in bigger groups are generally concerned about the high ticket fares. In fact, it eats up into major part of the travel budget. Thus, it is necessary to reduce the charges that are incurred on the train travel, by planning things well in advance.

Save Money On Cheap Travel Tickets

Cheap travel tickets can be bought if you understand how airline price their tickets. Airplane tickets can be pretty expensive if you are not informed about how airlines price those airline tickets and why. Understanding how airline price their plane tickets can help you get cheap travel tickets.

There are all kinds of ways you can get cheap tickets when the time comes to buy your airline tickets. You can make the booking far in advance, choose crummy seats or subject yourself to many hours of layovers at various airports. Surely, not every option is appealing but once you get to your destination, you will be glad that you traveled with cheap tickets.

Booking far in advance is always a good way to save some money, it also guarantees your spot on your flight. If you hold out to long for cheap tickets, you might not be able to get on the plane and may be forced to wait at the airport until another flight to your destination has an empty seat.

Booking your flight in advance is also one of the easiest ways to guarantee you can travel during the holidays. Cheap tickets can be bought for the holiday season in this manner.

Crummy seats will always knock a few bucks off of an airline ticket. Nobody really wants to sit right next to the bathroom in the middle of the aisle. These particular seats usually have reduced rates if you are flying alone or with a friend.

Flying coach is also a great way to save some money. Do you really need to fly in business class the the 1st place? Taking a seat in coach can be a really big advantage helping you save money with cheap travel tickets.

You can also agree to flights that have some stop over points rather than direct flights. Cheap travel tickets that include a layover at some airport for some hours greatly reduces the cost of your flight ticket. Take a book or your favorite magazine & relax while you wait for your flight. A couple of hours fly by at times when your reading something interesting.

Buying cheap travel tickets is no mystery. Its all about knowing where to look, when to buy, being flexible with your travel dates & the amount of time you want to spend to get to your destination. Cheap travel tickets are a great way to save yourself some money.

When Should I Buy My Travel Tickets?

This is the question that most of us don’t know the answer too. But this question has the potential to make or break you, so to speak. Naah! Just kidding. But buying travel tickets at reasonable prices is something that we usually don’t get to do. However we are here to help you make better decisions and improve your travel experience. So if you’re looking into buying tickets, we recommend you do it around the following days:

1. Black Friday:
Black Friday or sale heaven as I like to call it is guaranteed to give you the best deals for anything from clothes to home appliances. But what most people don’t know is that these deals are also extended to airline tickets. In fact they might actually be on their cheapest price. Who would’ve thought that, right?

2. The Last Week of October:
If you’re looking into flying home before thanksgiving then you probably won’t is able to avail the Black Friday discounts. In that case, the best time for you to book your tickets is the last week of October. The tickets prices are quite reasonable and if you look hard enough, you’ll be able to find some amazing discount deals.

3. Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursday:
When booking your tickets, try to ensure that fly on one of these days. Since these days are the middle of the week, the flights are bound to be available at a cheaper price. So if you’re just looking into making a small business trip or scheduling a meeting, make sure you do it in the middle of the week if possible.

4. 3-4 Months Before Summer Or Spring Break:
The Spring Break and Summer Break are considered to be the most crowded time of the year. Airfares during these times are literally sky high. So if you’re planning on flying somewhere during these holidays, make sure that you book your tickets 3 to 4 months in advance.

For some extra tips, here is a list of days that you should avoid booking tickets on:

5. Christmas Or New Years Eve:
Booking tickets around these days will give you the most expensive airfares possible. So try to avoid making booking around these days whenever possible. If you want to fly somewhere on Christmas Day or New Year’s Eve, make sure you book your tickets 2-4 months in advance. Or else you’ll probably end up spending a lot of money in return for bad service.

6. Last Minute Booking:
Avoid this at ALL costs!! Last minute bookings are always the most expensive. If you know you’re going to travel to someplace, Book your tickets well in advance. Do not wait till the last minute for this.

So now that you know everything about travel bookings. What are you waiting for? Black Friday is just around the corner, start booking your tickets now!

Did you know that you can save a lot of money by booking your tickets on specific days? If you’re travelling in the next few weeks, than Black Friday is the day to book your tickets.Read more to find out when you should book your tickets

How To Find Cheap Air Travel Tickets

There are several ways to search for cheap air travel tickets, some more successful than others. Whatever method is chosen to find airline tickets, it will take time, patience and perseverance to access the best deals.

Using a travel agency is perhaps the method used by many people for finding and booking airline tickets. The travel consultant will search for flights which fit the clients requirements, but it’s not always guaranteed to be the cheapest price available.

Charter flights which are booked as part of a package holiday will include the cost of flights. However, the only reason they are cheaper, is because fares are part of a deal. If charter flights were to be booked out with the package deal they are unlikely to remain as cheap.

Flight tickets can be purchased directly from an airline by going to their service desk at an airport. The advantage to this method is that you tickets are purchased at the last minute, often on the day of the flight. The disadvantages are that the flight may be full so you cannot travel. It is unlikely that the cost will be less than the normal fare.

Airlines like everyone else these days are suffering from the recession. The competition between the airlines is quite fierce, but is good news for the traveller. Sales and ticket offers can be purchased for ridiculously low prices. But buyer bewares of the hidden extras.

Anyone who travels by air on a frequent basis for business or pleasure with a particular airline should take advantage of any loyalty scheme for air miles. The miles can mount up rapidly and can help reduce the cost of a flight or allow for a free flight.

Using technology and accessing online comparison sites will help to identify cheap air travel tickets. It is always best to check that it is a reputable airline and have travel insurance to cover the fare, if for any reason the flight is cancelled.

Cheap Air Travel Tickets

Nobody wants to waste money – so why pay more than you have to, next time you purchase airline tickets? It doesn’t matter whether you’re travelling for business or vacation, with the ideas in this article, you might be able to save yourself some money next time that you travel.

* Use the Internet – Airlines know that Internet users can flip between sites with a click of the mouse – so it’s not unknown to offer them great price. Moreover, since internet search tools can help you compare prices of different airlines and travel options, and thus help you select the best deal.

* Be Flexible About Your Choice of Airlines – We all know that some airlines tend to be more expensive than others, however you usually can’t assume that one particular airline will always be cheaper than another. Use an Internet price comparison to select the cheapest airline for your particular route.

* Be Flexible About Your Travel Times and Dates – Ticket prices may vary considerably depending on the time and date of travel. Thus, if you are flexible about when you travel, you could save yourself some money.

* Be Flexible About Your Choice of Airports – Don’t restrict yourself to flying to or from a particular airport if you have a choice of more than one. Look at all the options, and you might be able to save yourself money.

It might seem amazing, but simple techniques like these really can save you money. I don’t know about you, but that’s certainly something I’m pleased about!

Tips on Booking Your Air Travel Ticket Online

Whenever you hop online to book your airline ticket online, you notice that the prices have gone up significantly. Since the fuel prices are touching an all time high, traveling by air is becoming cheaper than traveling by road. Here are a few tips that will help you save when booking your tickets online.
It is always recommended that you do an advanced booking of your tickets to get the best deals. Most airlines offer great prices on advanced booking.

Make sure you research a couple of websites to get the deal you want. If your travel schedule is flexible, try looking for different departure time or different days. Most of the times the late night flights or the early morning flights will have cheaper fares.

Check if a stopover can reduce the ticket price as sometimes the direct flight is more expensive and also tiring. Only do so if there is a significant saving.

Make sure you book other things with your flight tickets like car rental service and hotel accommodation. There are many websites which offer great deals on travel packages, thereby meriting more savings.

If you travel even twice a year make sure you join the frequent flyer program of your favorite airline. Some airlines offer great discounts on flight tickets and other extra facility like up gradation to business class or express check-in. Also check with your credit card company since often times they partner with airlines and offer discounts.

The more frequently you travel the more miles you will collect and thus over time you can get discounts on tickets or sometimes even free. Some airlines also extend these miles on leisure travel also.

Hope that you make your next ticket purchase considering these tips and save a couple of hundred dollars.

Find Cheap Air Travel Tickets Online

Whenever most travelers are planning to take trips in different countries, there is this struggle to find cheap tickets. One of the biggest reasons is that they wait until the very last minute to do quick searches for discount and end up booking the ones that are extremely costly.

Although, the last minute deals are not always expensive, it can be if you are considering popular spots in the Caribbean islands and need to find cheap Air Jamaica tickets. This would definitely require you to conduct a thorough research online in order to avail the more affordable flights.

Most times when careful research is carried out, travelers have more money to enjoy fun things on a wonderful tropical island. These days the travel industry is experiencing a stiff competition and the airlines are providing a number of promotions that consumers can take advantage of.

You can obtain cheap tickets, deals and other type of specials on the travel sites, in fact sometimes even good last minute offers. But, you have to know when and how to find them as these prices will fluctuate daily.

The good thing is most of the offers on the travel site are tailored for tourists who are flying out to hot destinations and they can be rewarded with discount tickets. As soon as you discover the trick of researching online, there is no doubt that you will understand how to find and book the cheap Air Jamaica tickets.

You can easily read the suggestions and learn about the desired holiday locations without having to spend money at the travel agents. There are also reviews regarding the experiences that other travelers will write about the places visited and activities that they enjoyed on previous trips.

Some of the things that you can focus on while you are on the travel site looking for the cheap tickets include the best time to do booking. For instance, if you are planning to visit Montego Bay then you should examine the different flights that will take you there and the times when the cheap tickets would be available. All that you would need to do is enter your travel details, such as the departure location, destination, times, dates and so on. You will then get a comprehensive list of all the available flights offered on Air Jamaica.

When you have enough practice, it will not take a lot of time for you to get a grip of the happenings on the travel site and know how to spot all the specials. One of the ways to find the cheap tickets is to book well in advance or check for the after midnight specials. There is much more you can learn if you are constantly following the blogs, reviews, comments and any other stuff that is related to traveling.

Now that you know that you will be able to find cheap Air Jamaica tickets to your favorite destinations easy online, you can start searching now. Sometimes you can get discounts that are ideal for seniors, students, children, groups or families, so make use of all the opportunities.

How to Reduce the Price of Your Travel Tickets to India?

If you are based outside of India and still have family and friends in India, then you most probably travel to India frequently. Traveling to a foreign country is always expensive – and traveling to India is no exception – If you have kids then it all adds up and traveling as a family can be a huge strain on your budget. Things though have changed for better lately – there is more competition and more options – and all this is good news for the travelers.

Here are some tips to get good, cheap travel deals to India:

1. Shop around – don’t stick to one travel agent – speak to a few, get quotes, compare, negotiate and get the best price.

2. Plan in advance – At least a few months in advance. If you leave it to just a month or two before travel, then you will surely miss out on the best deals.

3. There are lots of budget airlines traveling to India. You might not always find a budget airline all the way from your starting point of travel – example – if traveling form Sydney to Chennai with a stop over in Singapore then you can get a budget airline from Singapore to Chennai rather than all the way from Sydney to Singapore.

4. If you are planning to travel within India (hopping from one town to another) then consider rail travel – there are some very good train deals – and the best part is that now you can book your train tickets online – all from the comfort of your own home – booking it all online means you have your whole travel scheduled well in advance.

Once you find a good travel deal to India, you probably have to pay immediately. You can’t just book and leave the payment for later – this is something you should be aware of – and obviously if you are not 100% sure if you will be traveling or not then you have to give the deal a miss.

One big word of caution – stick only to deals from reputable merchants – otherwise you will lose more than you intended to save.